I am a passionate dreamer, go-getter and

              get shit done’er, practical thinker, wine drinker,

             coffee lover, wife and mother of three beautiful

            children. I have a slight addiction with shoes,

      mainly jeffrey campbell.



Well that’s not really the case. I was a hair stylist for 8 years first, met copious amounts of fabulous people, but over time my back and shoulders had had enough. We were on the path of starting our family so when the guy buying my first car paid in cash, it was meant to be. BOOM I bought some gear and started playing around... 6 years later, I fall more and more in love with it on the daily. Although I wouldn't suggest having a baby and starting up a brand new business at the same time. face palm. Thankfully, it worked out for me.

I’m 30 “ish” years old, married to my high school sweet heart Steven and we have three beautiful minions together. Sloan (7), Harlow (5) and our babe Enver (3). As creative as I may be, they are by FAR my best creation yet. awww kids... man what an adventure. I couldn’t imagine not having them around... however some sleep and being able to pee alone would be nice. One day, but for now we embrace this beautiful chaos.

So this is where I tell you how I've been in love with photography since I was a wee lass and how I couldn't live life without it.... blah blah yada yada.



I love the mountains, they’re mysterious and beautiful.... one day
we will live next to them. I think it needs to happen.

Building sand castles with my kiddos makes my heart happy. I’m a huge fan of both sunsets and thunderstorms. The smell of rain is so comforting to me. Growing up on a farm, rain meant happy dance. it meant growth. Perhaps why I am a water baby through and through and feel most relaxed when floating on it in a pizza shaped floaty.

I believe it’s so important for me to work with people that jive. People that get my modern day hippy vibes and that don’t just love my work but love what I’m about. We will be spending a lot of time together and likely end up becoming good friends. You’ll know if you like me, we’ll click and it’ll be magic. It’s true, you’re gonna be stuck with me for life. get over it.

I’m not perfect. I have a trucker mouth. I say f*ck occasionally, it feels good to say, so don’t judge me. I may show up to your session with lil bits of left

over food in my hair, that would be Enver giving me hugs bye and big slobbery wet kisses or a paint smear on my left leg from Harlow’s big bear hugs.

based in Saskatoon, SK. Canada but adore to travel and see the world. So if you’re daydreaming of a wedding on a mountain side over looking Moraine lake, AB wearing a flower crown, barefoot, wind blowing through your hair.... or in New Zealand, Italy or Bora Bora... just let me know.

I am extremely passionate about my photography and the stories I get to tell with it. The connections I make and the beautiful people I meet along the way sincerely make my heart burst with happiness. I am so grateful for this life of mine.


So grab a cup of java and have a boo around. Stay a little or stay often,
I can’t wait to meet you and tell your story.