Be YOU!!

I have noticed oodles of talk on social media about "creatives copying creatives". This is a huge discussion in my industry but I'm sure carries over to other industries as well. Most everyone mentions imitation is one of the greatest forms of flattery. Well.. yes and no.  There is finding inspiration in one another and then there is straight up copying things word for word. and that's just not cool. AT ALL.

I recently just revamped my 'about me' section of my website. I had some unreal advice by someone I recently just came across on instagram. Her name is Nikki with Epic Danger and she is unreal amazing. She had an amazing approach on how to write your bio page. Which by the way is the most important part of your site.  So I'd love your feedback on my new site, the about me page but the site as a whole. Still lots of work to do but would love to hear what you all think.

The most important part I've learnt about being a creative is that you have to discover who YOU are first and fore most. Without this you're just another number so to speak. This city has a zillion photographers out there but there is only one Joc. I can only the be the best me possible.

You are likely trying to be an amazing photographer, an amazing welder, an amazing mortgage specialist. But copying someone else is simply just a waste of time, you're not being true to yourself. It's sad and just not cool. You need to hone in on who you are first. Once you understand how amazing YOU are you're business will just explode with magic. It's that simple. Build your business on your own style not someone else's. You owe that to yourself.


I would love to introduce to you all a new project I just launched with my side kick Tammy. New to Mes Amis Studios is The Creative Hustle. We are so so excited about this Brand Mentor ship. We get asked time and time again how we've gotten to where we are, why, how, with whom. one day it just came to me. Let's share this journey with people. let's help people find their journey. My way of giving back to the community. If we can help people find their "YOU" and guide them on the right or preferred path they envision then oh man... my heart will be so happy! So message us if you're interested. We're taking applications for our first session until the end of today. Class will commence week one of March. Don't worry, there will be more but we only take on people we connect with. we feel will benefit from us. the right match. We owe that to ourselves right?? I can not WAIT for our first group of creatives. It's going to be SO amazing. I could cry!

Jocelyn de Moissac

intimate wedding and lifestyle photographer