family day

I just wanted to send a little shout out to the world today about these 4 amazing people in this image. As I sat in my studio cramming away on the keyboard getting some work done with the 34 min break my hubby gave me, and watched them walked down the empty road to our house. I could almost hear the giggles though the windows.

I am so very blessed for these beings in my life. My daughter Sloan makes everyday so magical and care free. Her kindness and attention to detail are unreal. I just adore her old soul and the impact she has on everyone without even knowing it.

Our Harlow. Such a boy of adventure. Our thrill seeker but with slight hesitation at times. Always on the lookout for safety. So sweet. A little rammey at times, our bam bam. but always with good intentions. Sweet lil Enver, I couldn't imagine him not being here. He is such a bright light. His little personality is starting to shine through and oh boy, we're in trouble! He is so goofy but with a slight lil evilness to him. Let's just say things are bound to get interesting. It just amazes me that at 14 months they already know how to tease and play the way he does. Those lil brains are so incredible.

And that tall one in the pic. That husband of mine. This spring we will be 15 years together and married 8. What the eff! I can't believe that much time has past. Love this man to bits. so supportive and allows me to fulfill my passion, my craft. We make a pretty epic team I must say.

hope you're all having a fabulous family day! Sadly my man is still at work but home soon. We had our family time yesterday to make up for it.

cheers friends,

Jocelyn de Moissac

intimate wedding and lifestyle photographer