Print your shit!

SO.... you've just finished your professional photography session and you've got one thing on your mind. I can't WAIT to get that usb or "disc". Now I can understand your excitement. It's the digital world and you be like... get those up on the Instagram!!! Here's my question for you: DO you print any of these images? do you hang them on the wall? do you touch them and hold them in an album? Do you flip through the pages with your kiddos and giggle at all the memories that are held with in that image?

When photos are displayed in a home it's said that children develop a better sense of their identity by walking by those images multiple times a day. Your wedding images and babies first few days hanging in your bedroom... you go to sleep happy and full of love. It's proven. It simply just makes sense. doesn't it? Now here's my thing... what does your child feel when they walk past the usb. ... exactly my point.

I've been waiting to do this post for quite some time now. I actually took these photos months ago of a few of our wall collections hanging in our home. We have it everywhere. It is my most favorite art out there. It gives our home warmth and love. I wouldn't have it any other way.

So if you're booking your next professional session. Think to yourself, ok.. I have to budget in extra for our prints/canvas/albums. You factor it in right then and there. Hand it over to your photographer. It's our job to take care of you. You place it in our hands you will end up with amazingly beautiful art work... AND you don't have to do anything but put the nail in your wall. Then BOOM... beautiful art for years of love and warmth. it's that easy. 

I also have samples of everything that I sell so you can touch, look and feel before commiting to your order. I unnderstand that it's an investment... but think of it this way. You'll spend half a mill on a house, 30+k on a car... but not 1-2k on lifetime memories? Just think on that for a bit.

if you have any questions at all I'd be MORE then happy to help. I'm just a message away.

So all in all ... PRINT YOUR SHIT PEOPLE!! You'll thank me later.

big love,

Jocelyn de Moissac

intimate wedding and lifestyle photographer