You + Me Mentorships

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You + Me Mentorships


You + Me // Mentor Sessions

Have questions? Need some hands on guidance? Come hang out with me for half a day and leave feeling inspired and more confident. I want to fill your cup with support and just a FEEL GOOD day that's all about you! I believe in community over competition, so I don’t ever hold back sharing any “secrets.”

I promise we'll have SO much fun!

What will the day look like?


We will start our time together and meet for a delicious java at one of saskatoon's amazing caffeine spots and chat for an hour or so. Get to know one another. You can ask anything. Come with a list of questions or little hiccups you may have and we can work together to come up with some solutions for you.

We will then head out on a shoot together and photograph a beautiful couple for a few hours. I will start the session off, get the couple warmed up and talk while I shoot on how I direct and get them comfortable. You will be able to watch me live on how I interact with my couples. Then its your turn to shoot. You can direct and move around with the couple as you please, or ask me questions as we go. Super hands on and interactive.

The best way to learn.

From here we will head to my studio, pop a bottle of red or pour a cup of tea and get to work dumping our session we just shot together. We will go over some editing, workflow, presets, all the way to delivering your session back to the client.

We can even set aside some time for some website chat and any kind of review you'd like me to help you with.

I simply adore teaching and sharing my knowledge. Something I really wish I had 8 years back when I first started in this crazy beautiful industry. SO here I am. willing and ready...

are you ready?


// email with ANY questions you may have. I can't wait to spend time with you. xo

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