my dancing queens

this shoot was a long time comin.... like 3 ish years actually. I have a vision in my head for that long... yup it killed me but good things come to those who wait it out. Eventually our schedules worked out and my girls Tasha and Alex, both living in different cities, were able to make it out withme for this epic session together. I used to dance with these two gems of humans. Not only are they obviously talented but they are two of the kindest souls I know. Would do anything for anyone and always a beautiful smile on their faces. I simply adore their kind energy. 100%. Very lucky to have them in my lives... even if I only get to see them mostly on instagram and here and there. So tash and Alex... THANK YOU so so very much for bringing this vision of mine into reality. It means so very much. here are a few of my favs.... and by a few I mean a lot. apologies in advance for worlds longest blog post... but I couldn't help it myself. *note: for the record neither of these two had been on pointe for ahem... years and many months. can ya tell... nope me either!

Jocelyn de Moissac

intimate wedding and lifestyle photographer