An evening with Canoe Oysters & Friends

My dear and beautiful friend Chan sent my husband and I over a message inviting us over for a dinner party. I was thrilled! Not only is eating out one of our fav things to do but in great company even better! Beautiful food + vino = basically heaven.

We were SO lucky to have been blessed by the company of Wes and his lovely wife of Canoe Oysters. WOW what a treat. I can't even describe to you the delciousness that hit our palates.


"where do I begin… I was raised in a Metis home where hunting/gathering ones own food was revered but the special part was always sharing with family. This was furthered as I had dined at many of my friend’s homes in the diverse city of Hamilton. I learned many new food and cooking techniques and always wanted all the secret recipes even though some clearly would leave out their secret touch. This yearning furthered as I worked at a butcher shop to pay for my university education. The conversations continued with new interesting patrons and market vendors alike. I knew food was my passion but didn’t know it would be a career.
    Upon finishing school I moved to Korea to teach English and quickly realized that food was my life. I would go out for dinner and try dishes, always deconstruction them in my head, take home my thoughts then try to replicate these dishes. I traveled to many markets throughout Asian and took cooking classes in Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Loas and Thailand.  Markets and Grandmothers are the lifeblood of any town, village or city. I seek them everywhere and want to learn all of their secrets.
    I moved back to Toronto after Korea and starting working in restaurants. I realized that cooking in a kitchen was no place for me. Why would I want to cook other’s food for over 12 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week for little pay. I had a really attractive girlfriend (whom is now my wife) I wanted to spend time with her. I realized that I could still learn food culture and get inspired by working front of house as a bartender and study food theory on my own and ask questions to the kitchen. I did this at Lee restaurant working for the Illustrious Chef Lee. I moved to Rodney’s Oyster house after this venture to learn all I could of oysters and east coast food culture.
    I brought my knowledge from Rodney’s to Saskatoon and opened my own oyster wholesaling business where I sell oysters and cater private events. My favourite food to make I describe as rustic peasant food. I find most of my inspiration from using classic French, metis, Portuguese, south and north east Asian techniques. I love traditional grandmother’s recipes but never shy from altering these to suite the freshest game and seafood I can obtain. Being an environmentalist, I seek sustainable healthy foods as much as possible." - wes•

Each course Wes came out and talked about it. How it was prepared, where it came from, how old the recipe was. Some history on his family and his back ground. It was amazing and clearly evident his passion for this art. I was just so blessed to have been a part of it. wow. like just wow.

What was my favorite part you ask? Well beside the beautiful food that warmed our bellies. It was the adult conversation with old friends and new. The belly laughs for hours around a big table. Uninterrupted. It was so full of love. Conversation flowed. I was overwhelmed with emotions. You know those moments when you realize just how great you have it.  I was also fortunate to have my hubby by my side. Not often we get to go out to fun things like this as a couple. So as a whole, the night was magical. I want to send a massive thanks to Chan and Lee for having us over. Sharing stories and creating memories. thank you THANK YOU!

Want to have your own Dinner party. HELL's YES you do!!!! I highly recommend giving Wes a call, gathering some of your closest friends, AHem... me, and spending a beautiful evening together. A perfect way to have an early christmas party!!!!

You can reach Wes at 306-715-8865 or and on Instagram as @canoeoysters


Jocelyn de Moissac

intimate wedding and lifestyle photographer