my morning quiet.


I'm not a writer. so apologies in advance to what's about to spew out of my finger tips. I am going to give this blogging another go. it's just hard to get here most days. And I'm pretty sure no one reads this so it's more an online journal then anything.

each morning we wake up, 3 minis, loud, chaos, heavy diapers, toothpaste corners of the mouth, dopey eyes. i'm hungry.... well you get the picture. two days a week as of lately. I get the kids off to school, one to the corner to catch the bus.. insert high anxiety here as it's NEVER consistant, then off with the boys to the other school for H. we have a lil play and then I wrangle the kicking and screaming almost toddler down the hall to the car. We come home and play a min and then off to bed to catch more zzz's.  then..... QUIET. It's me time. It's usually for only 30-40 minutes but I soak up every moment. of course my brain says, do the dishes, start the laundry.. or rather re wash the laundry that say over night cause you forgot to switch it to the damn dryer. Return emails, do some books, sweep the floor.... and most days I do all these things like a mad man. but today. I'm sitting, enjoy the rain drops hit our freshly built deck. my warm piece of toast and a java while I write this. Our pooch is snoring at my feet and all i hear is the occasional crack of this shifting house. ... it's pretty great.

tuesdays usually get the best of me. I decided to start this one of different today. and I will NOT pick up any shards of glass this time. to catch you up to speed... I smashed 2 bottles of red wine all over my floor 4 minutes after purchasing them, we had our truck broken into and they smashed out our window and between enver and myself we're down two bowls and three wine glasses. TODAY... nothing is smashing.

Jocelyn de Moissac

intimate wedding and lifestyle photographer