find your tribe

I wanted to come back to my previous post to THANK YOU!!!!! EVERY last one of ya's. Some of your more then others and you know who you are. But wow. I am blown away by all the love, support and messages that came my way. But most importantly the love for community you all have. You ALL expressed kindess and love and not only to me but to one another. I feel that my opening my big fat mouth helped you all so much and I couldn't ask for anything better. Putting my thoughts out there like that isn't really my style. Sure I'm all for social media as it's a massive part of my business and how I run things smoothly and come on people, it's 2017. But there are some things I oh so want to "Get off my chest" but there's always the risk of hurting someone or offending someone. again I'm not the best writer so some things stay in the memory bank folks.

So over all I am just so humbled that my doing served others growth and positive vibes. And although these issues just don't heal over night and will take time. I feel SO much better having put it out there and know that only beautiful things will happen from here on out.

Find your tribe. Surround yourselves and your families with like minded people. People that build you up and join in on your chaos rather then judge you for it. I've been having so many lovely people join my tribe recently and it's just such a nice warm and fuzzy feeling to know that others are on your team. yes yes yes.

So I encourage you take a step back and see where you gain great vibes and where you may leave feeling drained after being with that person(s).  Removing negativity from your life is so important ... it may be super hard as it could be someone very important to you. But having that energy around you is just not healthy. You don't need it. Life is too short and you only have time to save in your busy life for people that love you. So remove all together or keep them at arms reach. I want you to reach out to that person that you love and miss dearly. Put your energy out there for them. It may flourish and rekindle a once beautiful friendship or it could go sour but knowing that you tried you will feel full. I'd love to hear your stories in the comments below or if you don't feel comfortable you can totally personally message me. Set yourself some realistic goals. this shit don't happen over night. and I don't mean a new years resolution type thing. Do it as it comes. don't set an end date. Just keep it fresh on the mind and let it organically happen.

Have a beautiful week friends and I can't wait to hear from you all.

(and yes the two images I selected for this have meaning but are more because I'm missing the shit out of warm summer evenings. your welcome)

Jocelyn de Moissac

intimate wedding and lifestyle photographer