kirby & her sweet little.

I had the pleasure of having Kirby and her dolly Nevaeh into the studio for a side project I was working on with my dear friend Chan. Details on our project coming soon. SO while I had them in I snapped a few photos, because... the light, their beauty.. I couldn't help myself. I thought I'd share a few snap with you fine friends.

Master Teacher and Holistic Practitioner Kirby Criddle seeks to achieve these results using a variety of therapeutic modalities she has been trained and certified in, over the past 11 years. A session typically includes a combination of three or more therapeutic modalities, and lasts approximately 60-90 minutes.

At Illuminara, our focus is helping people to understand, accept, and love themselves, and be able to accept, forgive, and have healthy, balanced relationships with others. When we feel good, we have mental clarity and are better able to manage our stress. When we have the freedom to be ourselves, we are more relaxed; we feel calm, patient, and joyful. This translates to radiant health and greater enjoyment of life, with significant improvements in the following areas: reduced stress, decreased pain, weight loss, balanced hormones, increased energy, better focus and productivity, improved sleep. Clients are equipped with tools to both manage the body’s response to stress, and improve health by activating the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms.

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Jocelyn de Moissac

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