brianna & adam

I need to tell you all how incredibly special this wedding was. Brianna contacted me 6 days before her day, gave me the brief jyst of things and without hesitation (rescheduled a meeting) I said absolutely. What a special honor to be asked to document such a beautiful celebration of life.

I've included words straight from brianna herself to tell their story. grab your kleenex friends. I'll be honest, my eyes were wet the whole day. so many emotions! The little time I got to spend with Adam's dad Ted, I could tell how proud he was to be there. How kind and gentle he was. At one point was concerned that I wasn't eating any of the table's dainties. So thoughtful of him. It's with great sadness that since brianna's beautiful words below that Ted has recently passed on. I sure hope he is in a better place of "health" and perhaps could give my grandpa Joe and grammy a big hug for me. My sincere condolences to Adam, Brianna and all of the family.

I’ll start from the beginning. On January 14 Adam and I got engaged. It was a beautiful winter day and a wonderful surprise. The day started with a pajama dance party making breakfast in the kitchen. That afternoon we went for a hike at Beaver Creek. While feeding the chickadees Adam proposed. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He cried. I cried. We kissed. I put my sunglasses on to cover the messy mascara and take cute photos with the birds and my engagement ring! What’s cuter than proposal photos with little chickadees!? It was like something straight out of a Disney movie. Now we can visit Beaver Creek when we are older and reminisce about our engagement.  

About a week after our engagement Adam’s dad Ted was taken to the emergency room. Ted has been in the hospital ever since. It turns out Ted has Myelodysplastic Syndromes – MDS. The best way to describe MDS is pre-leukemia. Unfortunately, it has progressed quickly and because Ted is elderly there are no treatment options. On February 19 Adam and I decided to get married the following weekend to ensure Ted could attend/enjoy our wedding. Miraculously I planned a wedding in less than four business days as Monday was a holiday.

Once you see the photos you will never know we got married in a hospital. It was very sweet and romantic and included all the important wedding items and moments. You would never know it was planned in such a short time period (while I was working full time I might add!). Adam bought his ring off of Amazon. I was able to hire an amazing photographer and arrange for hair, make-up and flowers. Really the only thing mission was a expensive wedding dress and a new suit for Adam. Oh - and both of us would have preferred to be a little slimmer and a little fitter! But the luxury of time was not on our side!

On February 25 Adam and I got married at City Hospital. Our parents, my brother and his girlfriend and Adam’s Aunt Ev were in attendance. We were married at the City Hospital chapel (which is adorable by the way). A commissionaire married us. He used to be the Catholic priest at the church Adam grew up in but has left the church and is now married. He did a great job. It was a great compromise as Adam’s parents are very devoted Catholics. The commissionaire read “Union” by Robert Fulghum and Adam and I picked out some very sweet vows. I’ll tell you a story about the vows at a later time!! I walked into “Blackbird” (sans vocals). Acoustic music by Andy McKee was playing in the background during the ceremony. Our dads were our witnesses for the marriage certificate. There were a lot of tears but also lots of joy. Our families were very happy.

Following the ceremony, we had the cutest tea party in the City Hospital downstairs cafeteria. My family helped set it up. My mom and Darby’s girlfriend made a wedding cake, mini-quiches and devilled eggs. We had mimosas, coffee and tea. I purchased some treats from Little Bird patisserie. We ate off mix-and-match vintage china. My mom made us a guest book with a piece of lace from her wedding dress. We played some games and looked at Adam and my baby books. It was very sweet. We hired a photographer to take candid photos during the ceremony and tea. She also took lots of family photos and photos of Adam and I in Kinsmen Park (which is next to City Hospital). No one else took any photos that day – so I have nothing to share other than what I have already posted on Facebook and Instagram!

After the tea we had a family-style supper at Odd Couple (which was delicious!!!) and went on a little bar-crawl. It was a great day. Lots of tears and lots of laughter. And now we have a place to celebrate our anniversary!

Funnily enough – I was in Moose Jaw this week for change management training with work. Adam and I spent the week following our wedding apart. I came back to some sad news. At Ted’s consultation this week the doctor said Ted has days (not weeks as previously shared). Before the wedding the doctor shared Ted would have maybe 4 – 6 weeks. Now he is predicting 5 – 10 days (or less).

This is where we are at. March looks like a difficult month. Send us lots of love and strength.

Our wedding day was very special – and we are thrilled to be married. We know many of you would like to celebrate with us. Yes - we will be planning a big celebration with family and friends (most likely in 2018). I will share more details in the coming months. No honeymoon or vacation has been planned. This might also take place in 2018 after our big celebration.

Much love!

bb & wolf


B & A, thank you again for having me be a part of your memories. it means the world and validates how truly amazing my job is to me.

Jocelyn de Moissac

intimate wedding and lifestyle photographer