Importance of a head shot

Alright friends. Head shots don't have to stuffy and blah. They are one of the most important parts about your website and brand, next to your about me page.

They give your audience such a good grasp on who you are. Are you fun and outgoing? Your head shot should show that. Are you an introvert and keep to yourself? They should embody that as well.

They also don't necessarily need to be just you, sitting in front of the camera. It can be intimidating and awkward feeling. To be honest I need to have a decent glass of wine in me before I can do my own pics.. So I get it.

Perhaps you're more comfortable doing your craft, creating your passion. Photograph that. Document you in the moment doing what you love. Whatever it is that you do. Have it tell your story. The most important part of your website is being authentic and true to who you are. Your website is your "online storefront" - get people in the door. Engage them. You can only be the best YOU. and if that doesn't resonate with the consumer then they weren't your client to begin with.

Carly with deMo love yourself Lip Balm. (my beautiful sister)

Danica Slattery and Kristen Antunes with the soft launch of their Meditation Website coming soon. Come join them in their first workshop at The Modern Woman Show.

Overall, don't let this element of your online presence slide by. Put thought into it and invest in a great headshot. Obviously you're welcome to come to me, however I might not resonate with you and that is OK. There are many great photographers in this city to choose from all with their own flare. Do your research and find that fabulous fit!!


Jocelyn de Moissac

intimate wedding and lifestyle photographer