I've been meaning to post about this topic for like two years: LIVE MUSIC. I can not even describe how good music is for my soul in general but put me in front of live music and I melt. My husband and I hit up The Lumineers last night with some good friends Tobey and Matt. Oh my goodness, they had the whole stadium in the palm of their hands. It was incredible. I personally enjoy smaller venues such as The Broadway Theatre or Centennial for shows but was more then happy to be amongst that incredible energy last night. WOW!

and can we just talk about their opening band Kaleo for a minute here. HOLY EFF!!!!!! I've already become a fan as they pop up on CBC radio and watching them live last night completely blew me away. Not often can you say that they sounded even better live then recorded.

NOW... THE GIVE AWAY YOU ASK???.. scroll to the bottom to find out. But first... some pics of some fine artists that have graced my ears.

In the past I've been involved with working with Sask Jazz Fest. Tons of work but great to see some of these fine folks up close and personal.

What does music mean to me? Its soothing, it's comforting. It embodies history, memories and all the good feels. It has been a massive part of my life. All genres in fact (with the exception of country, just can't get into it)

Classical/strings - with my piano training, and my beautiful grandparents ... there are certain pieces that instantly bring me to tears and the first strum.Or remind of fond childhood memories. Although I miss them everyday it brings comfort. indiefolk- it just resonates with me all over. like last night. extreme happiness/goosebumps. Then who can't recite the majority of your high school years jams... waterfalls, gangster's paradise, say it ain't so, shoop... see what I did there, you're thinking of your summer nights in grade 11 while you made out with your first love, aren't you.

and because sharing is caring, and SaskJazz fest and I have mutual feelings on this:


I want to hear your favorite concert memory and how music influences you?


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can't wait to read your stories!

Jocelyn de Moissac

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