nash. newborn

this is a special one. I had an inquiry in my inbox last september from the lovely danica. At only 3 months along she couldn't contain her excitement and was worried I would already be booked. I assured her I could make it work and we left it at that with tons of excitement. Come Christmas I received a baby update from her that baby either has a hole on his heart or heart disease. Even with this awful news she sounded so positive and cheery in her message. Lots of hope in her words. I received yet another unfortunate email from her come january/february that baby had some possible fluid around it's brain and that baby wasn't growing as efficiently as the doctors were wanting. By this point they were talking lots about babies survival rate. My momma heart just broke for her and Nic. What an awful thing to have to talk/think about. So at this time they opted to cancel the maternity photos, having them be too hard on them if the survival of babes wasn't looking too good. I assured her that either outcome they would be happy moments and really important for the healing process, however totally understood where she was coming from. A few months passed and yet another email, yet this beautiful soul mom to be remained so positive and full of grace. I needed to meet her. So I had her over for tea and we just visited. discussed some options but mostly I just wanted to hug her. For those of you that have this sweet soul a part of your lives, you're so lucky. What a ray of sunshine she is. I had their due date written down. it passed. I started to worry. Like this baby was a part of my own family. I had kept danica in the back of my mind for months. and then I got a text from her about a week or so after his due date. Sweet baby Nash was born and so much healthier then expected. Is was a fantastic text to get of his sweet lil face. I was relieved. He has a long road ahead of him full of tests and monitoring his heart.  He has two of the sweetest parents just loving every inch of him. As for his heart they wait and see if he'll need his surgery in edmonton at 6 months old or 3 years old.

Seeing that things were a bit tough for them post baby they opted to cancel all of their session with me. I completely understood but I needed to just come and do one anyways. My heart wanted to and any of you that know me, know that I can NOT pass up baby snuggles. I needed to meet him. tell him everything's okay. You guys, he's 10 shades of cute and oh so perfect. Well, see for yourself below. Nic and Danica I commend you both for being so positive and full of light through this whole process. Keep being awesome and such amazing parents for him. You've got this!

Jocelyn de Moissac

intimate wedding and lifestyle photographer