If you think we're a great fit, then say hey!

If you're wanting someone with a fancy camera to show up and get those posed smiling shots, we might not be the best fit. If you are shopping to find the cheapest deal, you might not value what I want to give you. and that is OKAY. You deserve to find the best photographer that is perfect for YOU, that fills the needs and wants that you have. 

I want this decision to be more then a check off your list. I want you to experience all the good feels together. To get all the goosebumps again, the heart flutters and the ooey gooey goodness all over again. like the first time you kissed. 

I want to to give you the real, the raw and the perfectly imperfect. I want you to be ok if it starts pouring last minute to go puddle jumping with me, to get a little dirty and have one hell of an adventure together. 

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located in Saskatoon, SK. available for travel.

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