If you want the raw, the real. The perfectly-imperfect and the messy-beautiful, then welcome!

The utter look of happiness on your faces as you exit the ceremony. The one groomsman that has a little too much to drink in the afternoon and the girls busting out into song in unison. The way he holds your lower back tight and stares into your eyes like you’re the only ones in the room. How all the 5 and under kiddos are passed out on a pile of jackets under the table. the speeches, the laughs and the tears. The fun and the love. I’m there for it all. Let’s be honest, by the end of the day, all you’ve got left is one heck of a dirty dress, beautiful memories and your wedding images. I’m so excited to be the one to tell your story.

The morning giggles you have with your bridesmaids, as you tell old stories and create new whilst sipping coffee. The surprised look at how stunning your bouquets look, the hairspray in the air and the croissants and fruit on the table. The way your girls all gasp and awwww as they see you in your wedding gown. The over beaming look on your moms face as she buttons up the 91 buttons down the back of your gown. ! The boys hanging out in their gitch until the very last minute. The you tube video on “how to tie a tie” on the iphone. Sliding on those face reflective shiny shoes and polishing up that watch. The look of pride on your dads face as he holds your hand to walk the aisle. Your groom doing his best to hold back the tears as you say I do, and you trying not to bust into the ugly cry. (I did that, it wasn’t pretty.)

I look to take on work that inspires me. Work that gives me the warm fuzzies and that makes my heart happy. It's so important that we have the same vision, that we have a real and amazing connection... because hunny, it's all about experience, Selfishly, just as much for me as it is you!

2019/2020 | $5200

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elopements | $3350

(for 10 people or less)

international | what to expect: flights +accommodations+photography flat rate