The flour fight that may or may not happen while making saturday morning pancakes in your pj’s. Sudsy bubble beards peering over the edge of the tub. The way your newborn sleeps with her arms overhead and randomly spasms into a new position. The sweet little smiles they give as they drift back into la- la land. How your toddler crouches over top in awe of their new best friend, over the moon excited to show off his hot wheels to the 3 days fresh babe. Your oldest’s face when presenting her new piece of art work from class, her pride and slightly puffy chest. her sly face when she sneaks an extra cracker from the dish.

super hero capes.... yup, nothing else to be said here.

When your grandmother's hands cradle your fresh baby and you can almost feel the stories that they tell. The excitement in those sibling voices when that kite finally takes flight after the 9th try. Family cuddles while readying stories, crunchy foot prints in the snow and sand castles on the beach. and when the session is almost over... your husband turns into his “4th” kid self and creates the biggest smiles on the kiddos faces. adventure always. the simple kind. the tears. the giggles. the laughter and fun. the scuffed up knees when falling and locating that all important band aid.

These are the memories that you’ll want to remember. The ones that bring that box of wine to sit on your counter. The ones that worry you silly on how to parent that tricky 3.5 yr old. The ones that only give you 4+ hours of sleep a night making you ache for time to move a bit faster... then boom. you’ll wish you could go back.

family is amazing. I want you to remember and cherish these moments. Let me tell your story.

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I will spend 1-2 hours with you. We can discuss outfits and such before hand. If there are any locations your dying to have, let me know, otherwise I have oodles up my sleeve. It’s best to be in your element so we’ll likely hit up your house at some point.

When we are shooting you’re going to have a ball!! even you dad. I promise to make this painless for you and by the end of the shoot, you’ll actually admit you loved it and maybe.... want more! I want you all to hug the way you hug and cuddle the way you cuddle.
Tickles and copious amounts of fun are encouraged. You guys do YOU and I’ll just be there beside you on this adventure.

Once your session is complete, I’ll send you over an online gallery with the best of the best. From here you can decide which way you’d like to display your art, because that’s what should be on your walls. YOUR family!

I have albums for the shelves and coffee tables, ready to get smothered in finger prints, classic 4x6 prints to hold, flip through and love unconditionally, digital files to hold on to for forever and canvases to layer your walls for years to come. I’m here to help you the entire way!


includes a 1-2 hour session in home or on location, an online gallery of your family’s amazing story told in an artistic way delivered via email gallery to archive//share with friends and family via a custom rose gold usb package.

prints. albums. canvases and other digital file options available